Wednesday, June 07, 2006

My Thoughts

My Thoughts

A very good article from the author of "Life Beyond Code":

25 ways to distinguish yourself

This article is written by the Rajesh Shetty,
Chairman, [a startup in the Silicon Valley]

He is a writer of many articles and book called "Life beyond code". To
read his blog, Please visit :

The profile :
Rajesh Setty has been a brilliant student throughout his life. He has
generally topped in all the grades. He has had a passion for writing
right from The age of 10. The talk above will be based on a his book
titled ‘Beyond Code’. After his Engg, he worked with companies at
California, USA. Later he started a company named CIGNEX which provides
software solutions using Open Source. After 5 years, it is now a
fledging company getting all its projects through in bound requirement
calls. Rajesh is now in the process of writing his next book,
elaborating on the above theme. He has also started his second company
called Compassites in Bangalore.

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